"Guide India Tour" is a travel agency, launched in August 2016 in Jaipur, India. Guide India Tour was launched by Bajrang Jat, who used to work abroad. Have worked in many countries like- Singapore, Japan, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & travel around 50 countries. In past during the work so many people used to ask, they want to visit India but don't know How, Is it safe to visit, How much does it cost.....etc. Currently offers the great tour packages all over India. We have variety of packages from Budget to Luxury VIP. We do have our own Cabs with Local drivers and have tie up with properties around all over India. 


Doulat Singh
Transport Specialist

One of the most experience person in the company. Have more then 25 years of experience in travel business. He know all the route of travel and in his 1st couple of minutes can find out what kind of services guests want & how we can make their  trip memorable .

Keny Shah
Managing Director

Am born & raised in Ahmadabad, Have long & great experience in travel business and for me customer comfort and satisfaction comes first.

Bajrang Jat

He was born in a small village of Rajasthan state in India. After completing collage got a chance to work in Singapore, then worked in many countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia....etc. And travel around the world. In 2016 gave region from Europe and helping people whoever want to discover Incredible India.